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Wicked Witchelina

Famous for its rock formations dating from the birth of complex life on Planet Earth, Witchelina is a 421,000 ha nature reserve in the Willouran Ranges acquired by Nature Foundation SA in 2010.


Witness Witchelina for yourself by visiting some spectacular geotrails including nature drives and walks, giving you a chance to see an intriguing landscape of desert plains and ranges, with insights into its unique geological history.

Geotour Brochures

Five print-ready A4 geotour interpretation brochures are available to download for the Witchelina Nature Drives. The first is an accessible introduction to the regional geology, and the remaining four provide maps, images and explanations of the local geology and landscapes. 

Wicked Witchelina was proudly developed in collaboration with Nature Foundation SA.

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Project Team

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Pat James

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Mat Kor

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Steve Hill


Tom Raimondo


Wolfgang Preiss

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