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The Flinders Ranges of South Australia have taken a significant step towards gaining UNESCO World Heritage status after being nominated on Australia’s Tentative List for World Heritage.


This iconic landscape holds a remarkable history, cultural heritage and scientific value now unlocked through the power of virtual reality. Explore an immersive VR experience that documents the outstanding geoscientific significance of the Flinders Ranges in support of its World Heritage nomination.

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the Flinders Ranges,

the Adnyamathanha and Nukunu peoples. 

We acknowledge their deep cultural knowledge of their Yarta (land)

and pay respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.

360° Flinders Ranges
Half a billion years of life in the Outback

Welcome to the extraordinary Flinders Ranges!


The story of this place is a story of LIFE,

right from its very beginnings...

of mountains moving, oceans freezing

and earthquakes rumbling.

Are you ready to take an incredible journey?

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VR Experience

Got some VR goggles?

Fly high above rugged mountains and explore historic tunnels underground. Take a journey through deep time and swim with your ancient ancestors –

the incredible Ediacarans! 

The first phase of the VR experience is now yours to explore – three portals that reveal the stories behind the origins of ancient life in the Flinders Ranges and its survival into the present day.

Your journey begins by being teleported into the deep past to discover 600 million years of history that shaped this landscape and our place within it. Along the way, explore a world-first virtual reality reconstruction of the Ediacaran seabed, home to the very first animals on planet Earth. Take a birds-eye view of incredible Ikara (Wilpena Pound). And go deep underground at the Blinman Heritage mine to discover the challenges of the early copper miners!

Open a portal to the fantastic Flinders with an interactive 360 video of the VR experience opening scene...

The 360° Flinders Ranges VR experience is compatible with most headsets from Oculus/Meta and Vive.

VR logo UniSA blue (1).png

Updated version 1.1.0 now available

(Released 23/12/2022)

Don't have a VR headset? Book your FREE session at VRxp Adelaide using the link below!


360° Flinders Ranges was proudly developed in collaboration with

Framework VR and HeapsGood Productions.

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Meet Your Guides

Every good tour needs a personal tour guide! And who better than some colourful characters whose lives are woven into the fabric of the Flinders.

Elder Range.jpg

There's so much to explore in the Flinders – faults, folds and fossils are only the beginning of the story.

And it's always better share a new adventure with friends! Let's meet some of the cast of characters

who'll join you on your journey.


G’day there! I’m Dawn.


I know this landscape like the back of my hand. In my day job as a geologist I study how these mountains formed and what they can tell us about how life on Earth has evolved.


If you’re keen, together let’s take a look at how scientists understand the Flinders Ranges – so you can see it just like I do!


   Prof. Flint

What’s weird, slimy and lived long, long ago under the sea? Our ancient animal ancestors!

Join me, Professor Flint, and let’s take a dive to explore this wonderful underwater world.

UNISA_PROF FLINT_F1_edited.png


Is that copper I spy in those hills?!


Hi, I’m Pegleg Blinman, and I’ll be your guide to the history and heritage of copper mining in the Flinders Ranges. Take a journey back in time with me…and meet the ghosts of mining past!

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Web Geotours

No VR? No problem!

An armchair adventure awaits – 
explore the Flinders Ranges from your mobile or desktop.

From the comfort of your own desk, or out and about on your mobile, immerse yourself in the iconic Flinders Ranges landscape using the Web Geotours presented below. Fossick through Dawn's Kombi Campervan, journey deep underground and swim in an ancient sea – explore this weird and wonderful ancient world from all angles!

360 Panorama Gallery

Our Ancient Animal Ancestors

Time travel 600 million years ago to see the incredible Ediacaran fossils recreated in 3D

– our ancient animal ancestors brought back to life!

Can't get enough of fantastic fossils? Professor Flint agrees!

 Follow in his footsteps to explore the Ediacaran and Cambrian fossil galleries

at the South Australian Museum.

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Behind the Scenes

Discover how a story of 600 million years of Earth's history came to life

– in a lot less time!

Get a behind the scenes look at the Project LIVE team on location, deep in the heart of the Flinders Ranges.

Plus some extra snippets of how the VR experience came together –

all is revealed in 360 degrees and 4 dimensions!

On Location

Bringing Fossils Back to Life... in 3D!

Don't have a time machine? 3D printing might be the next best option!

See how UniSA's Industry 4.0 Testlab brought 600 million year old fossils back to life with 3D printing.

For more information about the Testlab, visit our virtual tour here.

In the Media

Explore some recent media coverage of our virtual tour project at the links below.

Project Team


Tom Raimondo

Steve Hill.jpg

Steve Hill

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Pat Fraser

Lily Reid.jpg

Lily Reid

Jack Fraser

Jack Fraser

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Justin Payne

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