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Adelaide Treasury

From 1839 until the late 1960s, the Adelaide Treasury Building stood at the centre of the South Australia's administrative and governmental affairs. Hidden beneath this heritage building is an underground tunnel that connects a series of basements, including the old treasury vault and furnaces for lithographic printing to produce surveying maps. This buried secret is brought to life through a new virtual tour that reveals the rich history of finance and economic development in South Australia.


Experience a virtual showcase of the Adelaide Treasury tunnels and State Cabinet Room, showing how and why Treasury formerly operated as a bricks and mortar institution through to its digital equivalent in the modern age: 

From Bricks and Mortar to Clicks and Clouds.

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Virtual Tour &
3D Reconstruction

Immerse yourself in the history of one of Adelaide's oldest buildings, virtually retracing the steps of the pioneers who shaped South Australia

Virtual Tour

Weave your way through underground tunnels to discover the history of the South Australian Treasury and the evolution of financial systems into today's fast-paced stock market. Explore the virtual tour as an interactive walk-through with interviews from historians, researchers, educators and executives to provide insights into each stage of its development. Then take a step back in time with our 3D reconstruction of the underground tunnel network hidden beneath the Adelaide CBD.

Interactive Virtual Tour

3D Tunnel Reconstruction

Live Tour
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Live Treasury

Want to visit the Treasury Building

in person?

Find out how below!

Go underground and journey through winding hallways and hidden chambers to discover the stories within and beneath one of Adelaide's oldest buildings.

Meet some colourful characters who shaped South Australia in the building where history was made.

Tours start at from the Adina Hotel lobby each Sunday at 1 pm and 3 pm.

Tour duration: 60 minutes

2 Flinders Street, Adelaide

Adult: $15

National Trust Member: $10

Concession: $13

Children  (15 and under): $10

Bookings are essential

More information:

For private group bookings (10 or more people):

(08) 8223 1234

Project Team

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Shiao-Lan Chou


Tom Raimondo

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Roger Edmonds

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Steve Hill

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