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Hallett Cove is one of the best-known geological sites in Australia and internationally. It has been declared a Geological Monument and Heritage Site. Preserved by nature in an ancient valley for hundreds of millions of years, this fossilised landscape paints an incredible picture of Australia’s past, including an ice age at the South Pole, the rise of the Mt Lofty Ranges and the breakup of the supercontinent Gondwana.

To reveal Hallett Cove’s remarkable history, Project LIVE presents a new virtual tour that immerses you in this spectacular landscape. Come on a journey beyond the ice to reveal Hallett Cove’s deep geological secrets.

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Virtual Tour

Got some VR goggles?

Immerse yourself in a virtual reality quest that brings Hallett Cove to life and uncovers its hidden stories in captivating detail.

Virtual Tour

Take on the challenge of revealing Hallett Cove's deep geological secrets by completing a series of tasks around its remarkable geosites. Discover fantastic folds and the spectacular Sugarloaf, uncover the mystery of the missing gaps in time, fossick for fossils and much more. As you progress through the tour, you might just add to your virtual pet rock collection and unlock some scenic drone flights as well!

For a sneak peek of what's in store, roll the video below...

The Hallett Cove Virtual Tour is compatible with all Steam-VR capable headsets, including the Oculus Rift and Rift S, HTC Vive, Pro and Cosmos, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality HMDs.

Beyond the Ice was proudly developed in collaboration with Framework VR

and funded by the AusIMM Tomorrow's Professionals Program.

Web Geotours
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Web Geotours

Want to access Beyond the Ice

using a web browser?

Check out our Web Geotours

that will give you a front row seat to Hallett Cove's geological marvels.

From the comfort of your own desk, or out and about on your mobile, explore some panoramic 360 images, 3D outcrop models and deep zoom images of Hallett Cove's amazing landscape using the Web Geotours presented below.


Meet the encyclopedic VT, your virtual robot guide with a geological memory spanning 600 million years, and get a true bird's eye view by flying above Hallett Cove in a some other secrets in store!

Interactive 360 Geotour

Immersive 360 walk- and fly-throughs

3D Geotour

Be sure to try the fullscreen and VR modes to get the most immersive experience!

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Mobile Learning Game

Want to discover more

when you're on the go?

Add an extra dimension to your understanding when you visit Hallett Cove by trying our mobile learning game.

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Mobile Learning Game

Inspired to visit Hallett Cove and see its geological wonders first hand? Don't miss a thing with our mobile learning game that will be your personal geo-assistant as you roam through the Conservation Park, giving you an expert understanding of the landscape and challenging you to put your knowledge to the test!

The Hallett Cove Mobile Learning Game is available for both iOS (iPhone) and Android.

Search for Pedagogy GO in your App Store or click the links below to get started.


Proudly developed in collaboration with Roger Edmonds (Teaching Innovation Unit, UniSA), the Geological Society of Australia (SA Division), and the SA Government Department for Energy and Mining.

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360 Street View Trails

Want to see Hallett Cove from even more angles? We've got you covered with a 360 Street View tour of every walking trail in the Conservation Park. 

360 Street View Trails

Hallett Cove is the perfect spot for a coastal walk to admire the breathtaking scenery and spectacular geology. But don't take our word for it, try a brisk virtual tour of every walking trail throughout the Conservation Park by exploring our 360 Street View collection.

Just press play below and enjoy the view...

and don't forget to take it all in by rotating the image wherever you'd like to look!

Project Team


Tom Raimondo

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Steve Hill

Roger Edmonds.jpg

Roger Edmonds

Justin Payne.jpg

Justin Payne

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Alicia Pollett

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