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360° Flinders Ranges

The Flinders Ranges of South Australia have just taken a significant step towards gaining UNESCO World Heritage status after being nominated on Australia’s Tentative List for World Heritage. UniSA's Project LIVE team is creating an immersive virtual tour that documents the outstanding geoscientific significance of the Flinders Ranges in support of this nomination.


360° Flinders Ranges will develop both a shared understanding of the remarkable history, cultural heritage and scientific value of this iconic landscape, and a responsibility for its future conservation. No longer a remote and inaccessible corner of the world, the Flinders Ranges will be uncovered with the power of virtual reality, allowing anyone from across the globe to be taken on a journey through deep geological time.

Half a billion years of life in the Outback

Below are some preview videos and image galleries that give a taste of what's to come.


Check out a teaser of the mining heritage portal, then immerse yourself in a 360° journey through some classic Flinders Ranges sites. Start with a sunset flyover at the Sliding Rock copper mine, take a 4WD bush trek at Warraweena Conservation Park, and finish with an underground experience at Blinman Heritage Mine.

Preview 360 image gallery

Behind the scenes

As part of the Geological Society of Australia's GOLD Lecture Series, watch Tom Raimondo present an overview of the 360 Flinders Ranges project and a behind-the-scenes look at the progress so far. 

See a VR reconstruction of the ancient Ediacaran seafloor that witnessed the dawn of life on Earth, and get a birds-eye view of the stunning structures and stratigraphy at Wilpena Pound. All will be revealed in 360 degrees and four dimensions!

360° Flinders Ranges in the Media

Explore some recent media coverage of our virtual tour project at the links below.

Project Team


Tom Raimondo

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Justin Payne

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Lily Reid

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Steve Hill

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