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What is Project LIVE?

Established in 2014, Project LIVE is a cross-disciplinary initiative at the University of South Australia focused on creating virtual and augmented reality experiences that bridge the research-teaching nexus.


Working together with the Australian Research Centre for Interactive and Virtual Environments (IVE), we use immersive visualisation technologies to tell stories, share experiences and change thinking, enabling access to new perspectives and new insights that were previously beyond reach.


Learning through Immersive 

Virtual Environments

Explore our portfolio of immersive VR experiences from the Adelaide coast to outback Australia, from a transformed building site to a drone boat laboratory, and many more!


You'll find all of our latest work under Projects, as well as our Collaborative Projects highlighted below. Read about the impact of our work under Media.

See the range collaborators we have worked with at Our Partners, and find out more about the members of Project LIVE at Our Team. And if you’d like to discuss how we can bring your ideas to (virtual) reality, please get in touch via our Contact Form.

To find out more about what makes Project LIVE tick, check out our showcase below...

What's New?

What's new at Project LIVE?

Explore a world-first immersive VR experience that documents the outstanding geoscientific significance of the Flinders Ranges in support of its UNESCO World Heritage nomination.

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Take a journey through the glacial landscapes of the Hallett Cove Conservation Park to discover hidden secrets written in stone.

Available as an immersive VR experience,

web geotour and mobile learning game.

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BLOOM features the work of graduating Contemporary Art students at UniSA, celebrating their achievement, vision and advanced creative skills.


Immerse yourself in the work of our newest generation of emerging artists from the comfort of your own home through a virtual exhibition experience.

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Experience a mineral exploration drill site from a totally new perspective with RoXplorer® VR. The RoXplorer® is a revolutionary drill rig that was developed to make drilling faster,

cheaper and safer.


See what's involved in the new frontier 

of mineral exploration by discovering

it in virtual reality.

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Digital Visualisation Libraries

Digital Visualisation Libraries

Explore our free collections of digital visualisations at the web links below. 

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Collaborative Projects

Collaborative Projects

Find out more about our collaborative projects with University, Industry and Government partners across Australia, including a series of location-based mobile learning games, a virtual library of Australia’s geology and a web-based platform for virtual microscopy.

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Our Partners

Our Partners

Contact Us


University of South Australia

Building P, Level 2

University Boulevard

Mawson Lakes SA 5095

Thanks for contacting Project LIVE.

We'll get back to you soon!

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